Are your work health and safety (WHS) and Return to Work (RTW) management systems compliant with the legislation?

RTW Management Systems Audits

Under the Guidelines for Rehabilitation Authorities 2012, rehabilitation authorities are required to undertake regular audits of their rehabilitation (RTW) management systems and to promote a continuous improvement strategy providing for appropriate remedial action identified by those audits.

SRC Solutions uses the Comcare audit tool to assess whether a rehabilitation authority is using the legislation and guidelines to establish areas for improvement of its rehabilitation management system.  The information collected during the auditing process provides the assessor with a clear picture of an organisation’s RTW system, as well as areas for improvement.

WHS Management System Audits

WHS Management Systems audits look at the procedures and processes used to manage the entire health and safety systems within an organisation.  The audit is a systematic examination against specific criteria, aimed at determining whether WHS activities and related results comply with the documented arrangements, and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve the organisation’s WHS policy and objectives and meet WHS legislative requirements.

How can SRC Solutions help?

We have worked in the area of RTW and WHS management in the ACT and Commonwealth Government for more than 12 years.  Our consultants are not only experienced in reviewing RTW and WHS management systems, developing processes and procedures and implementing systems, but have relevant qualifications including Lead Auditor Rehabilitation Management Systems and Auditing OHS Management Systems.   Our qualified and experienced staff can:

  • hold discussions with key staff and management to obtain an overview of your current RTW and/or WHS management system
  • conduct a desktop review of your existing RTW and/or WHS related documents, policies and procedures
  • conduct a file review of randomly selected workers’ compensation files
  • review your key RTW/WHS processes and systems and the management structures in place for managing RTW/WHS in your organisation
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses in your current processes against best practice
  • provide a detailed report outlining the findings from the audit and prioritising any actions need for improvement or to ensure compliance

At the end of the audit, you will have a comprehensive report detailing the areas where your organisation has met the criteria and providing a rating based on the number of criteria met.  Our report will provide information on the actions required to meet the remaining criteria and to develop the systems required.  Our prioritised recommendations will assist you to plan strategically for filling the gaps and for developing sound RTW and WHS management systems which meet legislative requirements.

For more information regarding our RTW and WHS auditing services, please call 6282 6122 or visit our website at