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Helping you implement safe work practices

As an employer, you know that having a strong focus on workplace health and safety (WHS) is vital to keep your employees safe. You may have heard about businesses who have had to pay large penalties because a worker has been injured (or worse) as a result of a workplace accident.
Ask yourself a few questions….
1. Are you confident that your staff are safe when they are working?
2. Have you ever reviewed your WHS documentation or systems?
3. Do you know if your WHS system is compliant with the legislation?
4. Do you know what your legal health and safety obligations are?
5. Can you guarantee that you would have everything in place if the WHS Inspector called?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you may not be meeting your legislative WHS obligations and your workers may be at an increased risk of injury. Our experienced and qualified WHS team here at SRC Solutions can tailor a simple, practical and useable safety system to suit your workplace WHS needs. So put your mind at rest and contact SRC Solutions today.

We can help you with

  • reviewing your WHS management systems
  • developing safe work policies and procedures
  • conducting a WHS Gap Analysis
  • review of accident/incident data and associated workers’ compensation claims
  • WHS advice to support managers and supervisors
  • bullying and harassment policy development
  • assessing workplace risks
  • safety inductions
  • development of injury prevention strategies