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Case Management of Injured Workers

As an employer, what do you do when a worker tells you that they have an illness that will affect their work?
Just how do you get the injured worker back to work after an injury/illness?
How do you support a worker with a psychological illness? 

We can work with you to plan what you need to do next

It is our experience that the most effective approach is to act quickly and include the worker and workplace right  from the outset in developing a strategy that supports a quick and sustainable return to work.

Our approach to early intervention is to develop an agreed plan to get your employee returned to work quickly.  We work with you to support your worker to achieve what is the best solution for you all.

We represent you as the employer and on your behalf, speak to the worker, their family, their doctor or other professionals develop a supported return to work plan. In a nutshell, we can take the anguish and uncertainty away.  Our experienced staff are always happy to take on difficult matters, which are sometimes better left out of HR arenas if a conflict of interest exists.

Our case managers are highly experienced at those hard and stuck cases. They know that complex cases take more effort to resolve and working towards a longer term goal can sometime be very challenging but we have been is this business a long time, have vast networks and the knowledge to get the best result.

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