Meet Our Team

SRC Team

At SRC Solutions we have a highly qualified and experienced team of experts to assist you with all your Work Health and Safety (WHS) and Injury Management needs. Our Consultants hold tertiary qualifications in a range of allied health professions, human resource management, counselling, auditing, and management ensuring we provide you with the high quality service that we are known for.


Our Management Team

Louise Hughes
Chief Executive Officer

Sandra Fisher
Manager WHS and Training

Liz Bleasdale
Manager Injury Management Services

Ian Whiteford
Manager Workstation Assessments Team

Workplace Safety & Training

Julie Taylor
Senior WHS and Training Consultant

Kerry Plunkett
Senior Trainer WHS

Samantha Harrison
Work Health and Safety Consultant



Rehabilitation Providers                    

Maria Jarvis

Cathie Stoffell

Tanya Stewart

Susie Irvine

Ebony Wakefield

Workstation Assessment Consultants

Gillian Adams

Cate Caddy

Hilary Honey

Karen Kranz

Catherine Xholi

Finance and Administration

Julie Campbell

Donna Mannall

Mary Khan

Kaylene Harper