• Workstation Assessments

    Providing practical advice and assistance in relation to correct workstation set up to prevent common workplace injuries.

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  • Training

    Developing courses with different components to suit your specific requirements.

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  • Rehabilitation Provider

    Successful management of complex cases, with positive and durable return to work outcomes.

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  • Case Management

    Working with you to safely return employees with injuries and/or illnesses to the workplace.

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  • Workplace Safety

    Sound work health and safety systems in your workplace can assist you to reduce workplace accidents.

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Working towards safer, healthier, productive workplaces

With the cost of workplace injuries affecting our insurance premiums, now is a good time to consider how you can reduce to risk of a workplace injury and cost of managing work health and safety.

At SRC, we work with your management team and your staff to create a workplace that is committed to being safe, reduces the chance of injury and supports the notion of getting injured workers back to their job as quickly and safely as possible.